Creating Lasting, Positive Change in Your Life

Missing Peace offers you an effective, confidential and modern approach to counselling through tailored sessions at our premises, via webcam or in your own home.

Along with university qualifications in Psychological Science, Missing Peace uses innovative and progressive techniques to provide real help with life’s most complex problems, creating lasting positive change for individuals and couples.

Whether your stress affects your career, your daily wellbeing or your relationships, there’s always a logical path toward a positive result. Navigating that path alongside you is what we do best.

Missing Peace provides counselling services to assist with:

  • Clinical Depression and Dysthymia
  • Marriage and all other Relationships
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Insomnia and sleeplessness
  • Dementia - Including specific illnesses surrounding this symptom such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
In the Book of Life, The Answers aren’t in the back.

Professionally Qualified & Experienced

Your counsellor, Michele, holds extensive professional qualifications and combines them with best resources and research available.

Michele’s credentials include:

  • University of South Australia Bachelor of Psychological Science
  • Australian Institute of Social Relations (Relationships Australia) - Diploma of Counselling & Group Work
  • Australian Psychological Society - Affiliate Member
  • Diverse life experience on an international scale

Counselling Methods used:

Missing Peace Counselling embraces several areas of therapy

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Person Centred Therapy
  • And others… depending on the specific needs of individual clients

We remain sensitive to all religious beliefs and cultures, however our therapies are not based on any specific religion. Missing Peace does not practise in the psychic realm.

Lived Experience:

A core strength of Missing Peace, is Michele’s empathy and understanding, a quality that can only come through professionally acknowledged lived experience.


James and Partner

Michele at ‘Missing Peace’ is a true professional in couples counseling. My partner and I faced some discomfort and self confrontational situations to deal with but that’s exactly what we had to go through to really heal our long term problems. Unlike most counselors, Michele is not only well educated, but has experienced life at its hardest herself which makes her so credible at what she does. I personally have a good intuition in character, and Michele made my partner and I feel completely safe knowing she could be trusted. With this said we could both open up, and not feel judged nor scared which placed us in a comfortable environment to confide in the issues my partner and I were facing. I personally would not seek help anywhere else. Thank you so much for your help Michele, James and Partner.


Finding Michele has been an absolute blessing. She is both refreshing and consoling in so many ways. Michele is able to listen and interpret your thoughts and feelings so you can understand clearly “what is behind it”, then assess a remedy or change. This has helped me personally and with my relationship. The work we have done is guiding me to grow in a healthy direction. I highly recommend Michele’s services for anything and everything. Keep safe and stay well.

Anonymous - individual

Thank you, I just wanted to call & touch base to say how appreciative I am of your support over the years. I understand it’s your profession though you are a tremendous influence in my life & you perform your role with such a high skill level. I’m very grateful also for your patience & understanding through all the situations I have faced, with gratitude & respect thank you.


” …I was in a really bad place, and from my initial session with Michele I felt that I was not alone and had real support through her. She was reassuring, empathetic and very compassionate. Having never been to a counsellor before I was very unsure what to expect though she immediately made me feel like I was going to be looked after. Our sessions allowed me to be very open and honest in examining myself and I never felt her to be judging me. I cannot express the wonders she has done for me, she has strengthened my ability to be able to look to the future optimistically, armed me with tactics to work through times of anxiety and depression and made me understand that I am someone to be valued, by myself and others. Three months ago I felt as if I was drowning and Michele has been and has taught me to be my lifevest. I am not normally one to believe in fate but I am so glad that we were drawn together.”

K & A

…We have never been happier or in a better place than we are now. We are in the kind of relationship I never thought we could have, especially after the issues we came in to see you for. We now have a kind and loving relationship where we discuss things openly without the need to attack each other. We read the document you gave us and work on ourselves so that we can become better together. There are no trust issues, no control issues, we are content and happy with each other remembering your words of respecting each other and knowing that we hold the keys to each other’s hearts. We are now engaged and are moving forward into a life together that without you I don’t think we would have had. From the bottom of my heart – thank you!


just wanted to send you some big gratitude for the work we have already done.
Since our first session I have been keeping a notebook, writing down what I’m feeling and my objectives for our work together.
I just wrote these words:
“I am starting to feel proud of being the person I am”
I almost couldn’t believe I’d written it.
It’s a new feeling for me, to be proud of myself.
So, thank you.
I’m looking forward to what comes next!”


Thank you again for everything you gave me earlier this year, it is still strong with me. I may see you in the coming months just for a refresh on where I’m at because I’m not completely better yet, but I will be.


“thank you enormously for being such a pivotal part of my ‘team’. You have been such a source of support and light and I really couldn’t have gotten to this lovely ‘other side’ without you.”


“when she sat with me she immediately empathised with my emotional state and opened the door to professional treatment. Having personal experiences with counsellors and psychologists over the previous 4 years, I felt Michele would be a caring and attentive therapist in a time I truly needed it.

Michele provided flexible options for times and locations to meet which was very valuable as it allowed me to keep what stability I had with existing work & life commitments, something that was of most importance to me. I know Michele is truly interested in my emotional state by the research she did between sessions and staying in contact with me by email also.

Michele’s approach is direct & straight to the core, although she is able to flow with the direction my emotions & mind ramblings would take us on any given day. Her direct approach does not feel clinical but showed me her interest was in stabilising my emotional health & steering me toward a stronger, more assertive & healthier me in as short a time as possible thus saving me from further heartache & financial burden.

I am happy to recommend Michele to anyone who truly wants to see their life improved as she is a passionate support person that anyone is blessed to have on their side.”


“I found Michele after moving from Sydney to Adelaide. I had been struggling with depression and anxiety since my late teens, and - now in my late twenties - it was having a pervasive effect on my career, relationships, and my self confidence. I felt, as clichéd it sounds, like something was ‘broken’. Previous counselling had been disappointing, with the practitioners’ selected treatment of choice (CBT, ACT, etc.) often tending to outweigh my own specific needs - but Michele was a very different practitioner, and has helped me so very much. I am very grateful for Michele’s professional skill, wide-ranging knowledge, and - most of all - her understanding and empathy. At all times, Michele related to me as a valuable person - not a condition or a label - and that has been genuinely empowering. Over the course of my conversations with Michele, I have become more confident, have experienced less anxiety, and have developed skills to manage some overwhelming emotions. I’m so grateful for the lasting skills that she has helped me to foster.”


“Michele’s therapy style is very current with an element of her own individuality which makes it unique. The surroundings make you feel comfortable and you leave the session feeling more relaxed.”


From the start I was made to feel very comfortable and Michele showed genuine care and interest in my personal situation, which in turn helped me to open up more and the general feeling in the room was very relaxed and casual. I cannot thank Michele enough for the help she has given me so that I can move forward with my life.


“The atmosphere of Michele’s office feels so relaxing and homey. It settles me and allows me to feel comfortable and really open up as if I’m in my own space sharing my story. I really feel like Michele understands and she doesn’t just give me general responses like physiologists from my past experiences have. Being able to talk and feel like I’m being understood really makes me feel like I’m getting results.”


“Michele’s professionalism, empathy and innate ability to get to the heart of issues has provided me with the tools and support to move forward and more importantly, make lasting positive changes to my life.”